Freedom has a new ring at Morley Field

Happy Fourth of July, San Diego. Today we have installed the first nine holes of what will be 19 new Innova Disc Catcher baskets here at Morley Field. After two years of research, testing and planning we have finally decided that the newest itineration of Innova’s Disc Catcher with 14 outer and 14 inner chains at 3 different levels is the best combination catching basket on the market today. They catch both the old school soft spin putt and the new wave slam and jam putt with equally great results. The high optic yellow baskets also help players locate the basket position better in our ever maturing foliage here at Morley. The other 10 baskets are scheduled to be installed next Monday July 10th when we change the course again for the Monthly to be held on the 15th.

Enjoy San Diego!